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The Bald Eagle (American Eagle) represents the strength, courage, freedom and the spirit of immortal, is the National Emblem of the United States of America. Its image and symbolism have played a significant role in American art, folklore, music, design and architecture. 

In the 19th century, the founder of KATINO, Kaiser, with his father came to the United States from France in search of their American dream.  Kaiser¨s father was a craftsman, and also a watch maker by trade with skills that were past down from Kaiser's grandfather¨s work ethic and traditions. 

Kaiser from childhood has been sitting next to his father and grandfather,  observing their daily repair, dismantling all kinds of different movements, and so, gradually grasped the complex watch making skills.   Since then, Kaiser believes that watch making will be his lifelong dream and interest.  He soon immersed in the daily routines of screws, and gears of all kinds.

 Kaiser, with increase interest and training has slowly become a master technician in watches and clocks.  Maintenance of watches and clocks of all kind presents no difficulty to him.  Since his start in watches industry, he believes that with his 25 years of experience he would like to realize his American dream of starting his own brand of watches.  In the winter of the following year, he founded the brand ^KATINO ̄.

Kaiser¨s chosen symbol of the American Eagle represents spirit and pursuit of excellence that signify over 25 years of experiences.  Its trade mark of double inverted triangle symbolizing the eagle's head and hook-shaped mouth, from down overlooking the prey, symbolized the precision of his watch quality . KATINO brand concept follows what Kaiser¨s grandfather left behind with the European tradition of the tabulation process and stringent standards.  With founder¨s mastery of mechanisms and design, he is able to integrate his line of watches into the elegant style and modern design exhibition that represent a unique brand spirit C KATINO.

KATINO Watch - Since 1992.